Digital Marketing Workshop in Kolkata

Digital Marketing Masterclass for Corporates, In Kolkata at JW Marriott

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Presenter: Adnan Khan (Director Quantwise Analytics) 

This Digital marketing training is designed for Business Owners, Marketing & Sales Professionals. The objective of the workshop is to provide a holistic understanding of how to use digital marketing to grow one’s business. There is a strong emphasis on the business aspect of digital marketing in this training vs. just taking a tactical approach. 

Topics Covered in this Masterclass

  • How to create a digital marketing strategy that actually works
  • Understand how to use different digital channels and tactics
    • Website Design
    • Landing pages
    • Remarketing
    • Website SEO
    • Youtube SEO
    • Email marketing
    • Facebook & Instagram Marketing
    • Whatsapp Marketing
    • Tools & Tracking Performance

This digital marketing training focuses both on strategic as well as tactical aspects.

Trainer Profile:

Adnan has over 10 years of Digital Marketing and Web Analytics experience. He has previously worked for companies like Apple, Tesco and Mu Sigma. His focus areas have been to drive improved Marketing ROI and Customer experience. Currently he is working with both B2B and B2C clients across various industries to help grow their business by leveraging Digital Marketing and Web Analytics.


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Digital Marketing Workshop More details

Digital marketing is vast and it can often get overwhelming to understand from where to get started. Hence in this workshop we will first help you understand how to create a digital marketing strategy. This will help you understand which elements of digital marketing are appropriate for your business. Most often the companies who fail to successfully leverage digital marketing, are the ones who take a tactical approach. For example they will get started with facebook marketing and will not see positive results for a few months and will get disappointed. This is a tactical approach and is bound to fail and is a waste of effort and money. Instead a strategy should be created based on customer persona, customer journey, competitor analysis and more. In this Digital Marketing masterclass we will take you step by step. And in the end of the workshop you will have much more clarity on how to successfully use digital marketing for your business. Even if don’t plan to execute digital marketing yourself and plan to handover the digital marketing aspect to an Agency, even then this workshop is essential as you will understand what to look for when hiring an agency and also understand if your agency is helping you move in the right direction.

Participant for our workshop have come from various sectors such as Retail, Manufacturing, e-commerce, Education, Healthcare, Real Estate, Power & Gas, Finance, Startups. 

Digital Marketing Workshop at JW Marriott for Corporates and Business owners

This Digital marketing workshop is designed for Business owners, Marketing and Sales Professionals. The objective of the workshop is to provide a holistic understanding of how to use digital marketing to grow ones business

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